Limiting Beliefs

We are often unaware of our limiting beliefs because they were “passed down” to us by the attitudes and beliefs of others. As long as they remain unconscious (we are not aware of them) they can hold us back from achieving our fullest potential and experiencing joy. For example, if we have heard all our life that money is the root of evil then we may 

unconsciously create situations that limit our financial success out of fear of that evil. Below is a list of some common “phrases” that we are often told growing up or hear in our community. They are so “normal” that we rarely question their validity or consider how they affect our belief systems or make us unhappy. Of course, there is some truth and a good intention behind most of them, but consider which ones you have been conditioned to believe and how they have impacted your beliefs and your life.

“Money is the root of all evil.”

“Finish your plate. There are starving people in the world.”

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

 “No pain no gain.”

“Life is hard.”

“Speak only when spoken to.”

“Children are meant to be seen and not heard.”

Can you see any fears you developed because of them? Which of these phrases were you conditioned to believe? Can you see any way in which they have limited you?

Perspective is everything when it comes to how we feel, and the words that we use are critical factors of our perspective. Below are some examples of key words that, if changed, will drastically impact our unconscious minds. The shift may seem small, but it can have a drastic effect on our happiness and our overall motivation.

Have To vs Get To:

 What areas in your life do you feel and say “I have to”? For example: “I have to go to work.” Change it to “I get to go to work,” and see how different you feel. Now, change YOUR “have to’s” into “get to’s” and try your new perspective on for size.

I Can’t vs. How Can I?

What areas do you limit your ability to truly be authentic to what you want and your ability to feel joy? Changing this terminology allows the brain to stop shutting off possibilities and instead look for ways to create the things you desire. What do you feel limited about? Does asking “how can I?” change the way you feel about it?

Changing Your “What if’s”!

Many times we use “What if’s” in a negative way. For example, people say “what if I get fired”, “what if my relationship goes bad”, and so on and so on. These “what if’s” take away our ability to feel joy because they stop us from doing what we really want in life out of fear of “what if”. Try turning your “what if’s” into POSITIVE ones! “What if you get a promotion?” and “what if your relationship improves?” Remember, the unconscious mind is powerful and will LOOK FOR whatever you tell it to look for. By saying “what if something amazing happened?” your mind automatically will begin scanning your life for amazing things! What negative “what if’s” do you often think? Rewrite new, positive “What ifs” and see how you feel.

Limiting Beliefs

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