Kamala Rao is a Happiness Life Coach,  Meditation Teacher, a Hypnotherapist, an author and a blogger. She grew up in Singapore and had spent many years of her adulthood searching for meaning of life – reading countless books and going to different spiritual organisations to participate in their programmes, in her attempt to discover the truth.

She ended her search when she came across the Brahma Kumaris Centre about 38 years ago in her late 20s and realised that this is what she had been looking for. Since then she has visited its headquarters in India on many occasions to spend time with the senior yogis up in the mountains, to master the art of Raja Yoga meditation and to seek enlightenment.

She is now an accomplished meditation teacher, has facilitated workshops and given talks on positive thinking and mind related matters, and is now dedicated to serving the world.

In her lifetime she has always been involved in volunteer programmes, being a Counsellor for drug addicts and juvenile delinquents, especially single mothers. In her vocation she used to pay weekly visits to the prisons. Her compassion has even brought her to visit and spend time with the UN refugees in Singapore. She has recently retired from being in the workforce which has taken her to different parts of the world. She has helped establish Meditation Centres in Singapore, Seoul, South Korea and Kuching, East Malaysia. Her passion has always been to serve the Community – seeing happy faces is her greatest desire!

Learn how To Use Happiness To Increase Your Performance Level, Creativity, Wellbeing And Nourish Your Life.

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